Monday, 8 March 2010

The Animals Save the Planet

The Animals Save the Planet are series of humorous animated short films that feature tips from eco-friendly lifestyle.

Help the animals save their planet and ours:
1. Eat a healthy balanced diet.
2. Use only the water you need.
3. Use biodegradable products.
4. Use energy saving lightbulbs.
5. Recycle all you can.
6. Don´t waste energy.
7. Insulate your home.
8. Turn off what you don´t use.
9. Avoid using plastic bags.
10. Recycle your rubbish.
11. Cut your emissions.
Watch carefully the videos and don´t forget: We must save our planet.


  1. It´s fantastic

    pablo 6º

  2. Is fun and talks like caring for the environment.

    Belén Hermo 6º in primary

  3. It is very cool and very, very funny, the cow is very fun and also have comouna moraja end to help the environment.

    laura 6º