Saturday, 10 April 2010

The story of Tilly Smith

Hi, class 5!
Here you are the video about Tilly Smith that I promised you.You know her story: On December 26th ,2004 she sensed something was wrong while she was on the beach with her family. Her mind kept going back to the geography lesson Mr. Kearney gave just two weeks before she flew out to Phuket in Thailand with her family. A lesson that this British schoolgirl learned from her geography teacher helped save a lot of people during the Indian Ocean Tsunami. She recognised the receding shoreline and frothing bubbles on the surface of the sea and alerted her parents, who warned others on the beach and the staff at the hotel on Phuket, where they were staying. The beach was evacuated before the Tsunami reached shore, and was one of the few beaches on the island with no reported casualties.
On September 9th,2005 she received the Thomas Gray special Award of the Marine Society & Sea cadets from Sea Lord, Viceadmiral Sir James Burnell Nugent.
It´s amazing , isn´t it?

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  1. it's very interesting and very sad.

    laura 6º