Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mutt Maker

Create your own wacky new dog breed! See what happens when you cross a German shepherd with a dachshund!. Mix and match the parts and pieces of your favourite furry friends. The results are very funny!.
1. Choose from the dogs in the menu.
2. Drag parts from the chosen dog and accesories.
3. Get your mutt legit with papers.
4. Enter your mutt in the best of show.
Look at my new dog , it´s funny isn´t it?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tere,
    Some teachers awarded my blog "Think in English" with a stamp called "It’s worth keeping an eye on that blog".
    As part of the initiative I have had the honour to
    1. Embed the award stamp on my blog.
    2. Add a link to the blog I have received the prize from.
    3. Select 10 more blogs for being awarded as well
    4. Write the ten links on my blog.

    * Your blog and the other ones in our WORKSHOP is one of them. In my opinion, your blog is well worth visiting so I have mentioned and linked it.
    Now, you can take part in this activity by following the previous instructions. If you think that it is worth doing it, of course :-)
    Thanks, Tere for sharing your great work.
    See you soon ;-)
    A virtual kiss :-*)